The Pyrenees - Wilderness is not a word we are used to associating with Europe, but here in the Pyrenees it's still possible to find it and lose yourself in it a little, be it on foot, bike or canoe and especially exploring by 4x4. It is a truly magnificent region of spectacular mountains, high alpine meadows, pristine rivers and dense forests; spanning from the Bay of Biscay in the west to the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the east creating a natural mountain border between France and Spain. For anyone who has a passion for the “great outdoors” it’s a veritable paradise of things to see and do and has been described by many as one of Europe’s last great wilderness areas.

All the regions of the Pyrenees are stunning no matter which time of the year you visit, either in winter snow or summer sun, from the rolling hills of the Basque region to the high mountains of the central and eastern Pyrenees to the Mediterranean and it is not just the magnificent scenery, historical villages, the food and the wine..... the people are pretty friendly too. We first "Discovered the Pyrenees" ourselves in 1991 in an old 2A Landrover and have been running Landtreks Adventure Tours from here since 2004.

Landtreks explores all over the Pyrenean regions of France, Spain and Andorra. Three different countries with several different languages and differing cultures... they are close together in distance only! We offer a range of tours for the responsible 4x4 enthusiast, anyone with a passion for "the great outdoors" or those who would just like to see the real Pyrenees. Our tours pass through some truly dramatic and diverse areas, from high mountain passes, dense forests to winding mountain trails and pass through the most rural of villages; in places it is hard to believe you are still in Europe.

This magnificent Pyrenean environment matters to us. Many of the trails we explore are ancient routes used over generations to gain access to pasture, for forestry or to remote villages... they were built to be used and driven! We now drive and enjoy these ancient trails too, with a tread lightly philosophy ensuring that we preserve them for future generations to enjoy and explore.


When to come ?

The Pyrenees are magnificent in all seasons; however we have noticed that some guests like it hot others don't, some like a touch of mud and snow others like the trails drier and easier.

Mountain weather can be notoriously fickle, and the Pyrenees is no exception. In one day we have seen -2°C and +30°C as the day warms up and we descend into a valley. However, on average, the Pyrenean range enjoys 300 plus days of glorious sunshine...phew!!

So, to try to help you decide on the season that best suits you, here are a few pointers:


If you like a touch of mud and perhaps some remaining snow on the peaks, together with rivers at their highest yearly levels (though usually driveable) then this is the time to come. Daily temperatures are generally warm, but not too hot and the trails, campsites, hotels etc. are usually quiet.


Summers here are of the hot and dry variety and the days are long. Trail conditions at their easiest and river levels low. Many of the tours at this time of year are favoured by families, especially during the August holidays. Accommodation is at its busiest.


The days are still warm and pleasant and it is cooler to sleep at night; in fact us locals favour September and October calling them the best months of the year. The trails are quiet and by late autumn the fall colours are absolutely amazing.





Only a couple of places now available for Summer 2023 - contact us direct for details & prices.

Hotels & Other Accommodation

It is now possible to do the majority of our Pyrenees tours without camping. Whilst camping is still the main form of accommodation, if you do not wish to camp at all or only wish to camp some nights, then you can now stay in local (to the campsites) cabins, mobile homes, hotels and B&B's.





Landtreks Pyrenean Explorers...

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Pyrenean Explorer Tours - photo gallery




Shaun & Susan

We had a fantastic time and the Pyrenees lived up to and exceeded my expectations and certainly won't be our last visit... see you again in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

Rob & Gail

We are still talking about our trip and what a brilliant time we had. Thank you both for the wonderful trails, spectacular views, the amazing wildlife (Griffin Vultures and Marmots amongst others) and the great craic with yourselves and the other guests. The trip will live long in our memories and we have already discussed doing another.

Thank you both for making it such a great adventure.


Another really good week with you. I think you think I'm mad doing the same tour 5 times or whatever it is now but I mean it when I say it doesn't get old.

Phil & Dean

Thank you so much for a great week. Both Dean and I really enjoyed it and I definately now have the bug.

Martin Diana & James

Thanks for your lovely email rest assured we had a great time and loved the crack the only regret is it did not last as long as we would have liked however we feel we have made some great new friends. We will keep in touch as we are looking forward to the next tour.

Julian & David

It was a fantastic week as usual and great to meet Dean and Phil, I think with your excellent stewardship we had a brilliant blend of “adventurers”.

A fantastic tour yet again, I really enjoyed it. Lovely to meet Phil and Dean and of course massive thanks Wayne and Helen for another fantastic trip

Jo & David

Everything was perfect. Helen and Wayne you have researched the area so well. We drove on trails you couldn't know existed without your expertise. As well as that you are very welcoming and friendly as a result of which our group gelled quickly. We would recommend you highly.


Gavin & Alison

A super few days as usual. We are looking forward to Portugal.

Steve & Fran


Thank you so much for a great trip and introducing us to Corsica. We loved it, especially the trails in the mountains and the beautiful coastline. I'm sure we will meet up again.

Rob & William

Thank you for looking after us and making us feel so welcome - we both enjoyed the trip very much and have lots of top memories to bring home with us.

Julian & David

Well what a tour the inaugural Trans - Portugal was !

We can only describe it as superb, such variation in scenery and driving conditions truly a great experience. We complement you both on the navigation, with the choice of routes and campsites, excellent. We were really lucky again to have a great team joining us.

Landtreks – Simply the Best !

John Jordan Freya

Thank you both once again for all your hard work and warm hospitality.

I was showing friends last night the photos of our trip down Portugal. It brought back such wonderful memories ot the trip and your fantastic hospitality and hard work with the planning and running of the trip.

Once again a very warm thanks for making memories for us to cherish. Looking forward to fitting in another trip with you both.

Jeff & Sally

Sally & I had a fantastic time on your tour with you last week. The tracks provided breathtaking views of the beautiful Pyrenees. For us the itinerary was perfect with the pace and driving days just right. Lastly we enjoyed your's and the other guests company and help throughout the tour. Once again thank you so much for a great time.

Dave & Sam

What an amazing week we’d had with you again!

Best week ever!

Dave, Helene & Saxon

Hi Wayne and Helen, Just like to say a massive thanks for a great tour, we had a brilliant time and you made it great fun. We’ll definitely see you again for another trip, probably one of your specials.

Andy & Todd

Fab time - very fond memories and would love to do it again, I know the other Helen would love to go next time ;-)

Andy & Az

I have been looking through the photos of our eastern tour. What an excellent time was had by all. The trails and scenery were both varied and spectacular. The camping was good which was compounded by the extraordinary comarardiary. From journey start to arriving at home we laughed all the way. The team work was quick to jell when anyone needed assistance. I only hope Wayne got a new joke book for Christmas. I would strongly recommend anyone to join you and will have no hesitation on booking another tour. Many thanks.

Tom & Crew

Big thanks for the photo’s! Makes me want go on a trip again! We really had a great time with you, and thanks again for your patience with the gringo’s and the bike-riding. All the best, until next time!

Steve & Chris

Thanks again for a brilliant week, left a dust trail all the way into France ! Road over cols was gorgeous so well done Helen, As always you do us proud with the photos and you capture so much stuff that we didn’t even see so thanks again.

Moggie & David

It really was an amazing trip – the driving in the mountains exceeded expectations – nice to let the Land Rovers do what they were designed for – and the company was great too. Special thanks to Helen and Wayne for organizing everything. Really hope we can meet again.

Richard & Jo

Thanks again for such a fantastic trip. It was everything we hoped for and more and couldn't have been with a nicer bunch of people. Thank you very much for your amazing photos Helen; Jo says thank you for the bear links! I would be very interested in coming with you to Portugal next year, I just need to get to work with putting a tent on top of our defender! :)

[Looking forward to seeing you again in Portugal]


Thank you for the trip in the Pyrenees. I had a great time. First time out having thought about it for ages and it was great. I was obviously pleased that the vehicle managed to get me back in one piece but also the camping wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it would be (still have to test that in the rain though).

Thank you again. Friendly knowledgeable organisers are the most important and you scored 11/10 on that. Already started to think about next year and so hope to catch up with you again sometime.

Jo & Nick

Thank you Wayne & Helen for a fabulous, fun and unforgettable trip. You are both wonderful hosts and great company and we hope to be able to join you again sometime in the future. All the best 

Martin & Katy

Back at work and in the thick of things. We had an amazing holiday some great laughs and overall good fun (helped by your great sense of humour) We are sussing our work dates out for next year. Hopefully we can make things work for another trip (Portugal would be great) but all revolves around work dates etc. Will send you some of our pics when we down load them all. Thanks again

Martin & Ken

Yes, we made it back in one piece (no tunnels were harmed during our journey). It was a bit blowy on our return through France and the sea crossing, but no problems. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour - thanks very much for your knowledge & enthusiasm throughout. A fine set of pictures, thanks for sharing them with us.We hope to participate again too.

Kedar & Anviti

Thank you for sharing the lovely pics. It definitely brings back a lot of memories. Feedback from Anviti and me - "Off-roading and camping in the Pyrenees has inspired us to take more vacations in the outdoors. It was an AWESOME adventure, well-paced and well-managed. Thanks Wayne and Helen for sharing your spirit of adventure and sense of humor. We will be back for more!"

Julian & David

We have to say again what a terrific break, the experience continues to exceed all expectations. Landtreks again came up trumps with the beautiful daily expeditions and the fantastic social evenings. We were very fortunate to have a great group of likeminded folks to fully enjoy the experience.

We wish you luck in Iceland and David and I are already excited about Portugal next year.

Thijs & Diana

I would like to say thank you for another wonderful tour. The sights and different experiences Iceland provided will remain with me for ever. The mix of driving and sight seeing was just right. I look forward to joining you on another tour in the future.

Andy, Shennon & Oliver

Loved every minute... Awesome company... astounding views... can't ask for better weather! What an experience with you guys!

Shennon said " I'm missing the mountains!!! The stop overs and the company and banter! Honestly despite spending 50% of the time looking at the back of my eyelids (heightwise). I enjoyed myself!"

Noel & Linda

Just a quick note to express mine and Linda's thanks for the wonderful time we had on the trek. It wasn't the trip of a lifetime because we want to come again next year so keep us on the mailing list! The photos are great and bring back happy memories every time I browse through them.

Sandra & Barry

Hi Wayne and Helen. Thanks for sending the links to the photos - some spectacular shots! Also thanks for a great trip which we both thoroughly enjoyed. All the best for next year. Happy travelling :)

Dan & Graham

Hello Helen and Wayne, Wow! What can I say that was amazing! Thank you both so, so much for an amazing week and giving us such a fantastic holiday.

I've attached some pics of your Landy.

I'm off to the Wirral to try some fish and chips now.

Nigel & Denis

Hi Wayne and Helen, Denis and I would like to say thank you again for such a fantastic holiday , it was a great experience for us. We enjoyed your company and of our companions. We would like to do it again in the future . Again many thanks.

Doug & Carol

Dear Helen and Wayne, What a fabulous album of pictures, I know it’s only a couple of weeks ago but they did bring back some great moments.We both enjoyed the tour very much.The Pyrenees where a complete surprise, despite having flown over them many times neither of us had totally realised how extensive the mountains were. Despite being based at a single camp I don’t think we went down the same trail twice. It really helped to change the last day of the tour to Saturday giving us an extra day to drive back to Calais, much more relaxing. A great tour, good company and above all really well organised. We would do it all again tomorrow.

Bob & Karen

We had an amazing 3 weeks in France and Spain during August this year (2016) with the middle 2 weeks taken up with a coast to coast tour hosted by Helen and Wayne. I can not rate this tour highly enough. Two weeks of challenges and a great sense of achievement at the end when you finally get to see the Mediterranean sea spread out below you. Helen and Wayne are great hosts and guides and have selected some stunning campsites. Especially memorable was the highest campsite in Spain with views to die for. Talking of views, 9000ft+ (twice the height of Ben Nevis) is a view that will be etched in my memory for the rest of my days. Roll on 2018/19 when we will be doing a "Peaks and Passes" tour in my 90

Thijs & Diana

I would like to thank you both for an excellent time on your tour. Diana and I really enjoyed it.
We arrived home on Sunday night. Spent Monday getting all the dust and grime off the car!
I have already been looking at off road tyres/rims that will fit the car.

Steve & Martin

Thanks for the photos and the amazing trip, we had a lot of fun and it highlighted all the things I need to mod for future trips....

On the way home we stopped at Rocamadour, what a lovely place... thanks for the recommendation.

All the best

Rolf, Gry, Kamilla and Bjørnar

We enjoyed the trip very much and hope to go travelling with you again some time in the future.

Once we are organised here, we will browse all your pictures from the trip. Looking forward to that.

Best wishes from us all

Ralph, Linda & Suzy

A massive thumbs up to Wayne and Helen of Landtreks! 5 stars guys, the video on FB is just a taster of what we did with you.

Janice & Phil

Following our recent meeting when you proved to be fantastic hosts, I hope we can now call you good friends?
We will be back – unfortunately for you!
Janice & I were amazed at the stunning views, above and below the clouds, which as you had promised, did change every day. The highlight for me was driving on snow at 8000 feet. The trails were better than I had been expecting and I’d like to thank you for your efforts in finding them all.
You were so friendly & welcoming; we look forward to “tagging along” with you both again in the not too distant future.

Peter and Wendy

Bonjour Wayne and Helen

Peter and I are on the M5, behind a lorry :-(

Thanks again for a super week, best holiday yet and as Arni says "we'll be back" :-))

Happy off roaders :-)

Ken and Martin

We had a great time on tour with you, the whole experience was brilliant ! The trails were a good combination of "ruggedness" and interest, thanks to your local knowledge. Also, having two days rest from driving was very welcome. ( we covered over 2000 miles in total )

The hotel you recommended was very good, although curiously neither of us slept very well; maybe too acclimatized to the camping life !

We got home OK without serious incident via northern Spain and a lively Biscay.

We both agree that another trip with you is definitely on the cards, so we will be seeing you !

Jonathan, Pernilla and Molly

Thank you so much for a fantastic trip and all the fab photographs. The family are definitely bitten by the 'trucky bug’ so I am sure we will be back soon.

I hope you have a good rest of the season and we will see you soon.

Take care and thanks again.

Jamie, Judith, Emily & Hannah

Thanks for the photos - we are greatly enjoying looking through them and re-living our fantastic holiday. It was great to meet you too and our fellow explorers - we were very sorry to miss the final day with you all but glad you liked the little gift :) When friends and family have asked about the trip, it's been hard to pick the best part - so many great trails through diverse and beautiful landscapes, the magnificent mountain scenery, the Pyrenean cows and horses, the campsites and rivers, and of course our lovely guides and fellow travellers - everything combined to make it a fantastic holiday. The week had a good balance between trail days and rest days, and we felt in good hands with your local knowledge and experience. I wish we could have stayed longer and really hope that we can meet you again for another trip in the future. We'll look forward to your updates about future tours.

Kevin, Heike & Declan

Thank you both for a wonderful week which we will certainly treasure in our memory bank, Helen's photographs are excellent and captures the trip so well. We could not have asked to share the experience with a better group of friends as they have become over that one week. Many laughs and I have to say it is almost spooky how many of the same things Wayne and I both share interests in. We look forward to joining you again on another tour and in the meantime wish you every success for the future, you both deserve it, the 6 x P's come to mind and your preparation was great ! Wishing you many safe miles ahead.

Arthur & Gillian

Thank you for a great holiday. Arthur says to tell you cruised home 85mph in comfort and peace! and got back Thursday night in time to calve a cow.
When we signed up for this holiday we didn't know we got a professional photographer included in the price, the photos are great, thank you.
This holiday was certainly better than expected so well organised, fantastic views, tracks, great company and so many cows and horses! Definitely recommend.


Travelling the Pyrenees with you was a complete blast!

Thank you so much!!

Steve & Chris

We did indeed have a great trip and are getting flashbacks of different sights and times as we get back into " real life"

Iceland was a fantastic place to visit and your angle of an offroad tour with sightseeing and restdays to do our own thing was spot on. Iceland is a spectacular country and the preparation you guys put in resulted in us getting a real feel of the whole island, not just the Golden Circle tourist route round the coast, so well done!

Keep in touch & safe travels.

Paul & Nicole

We also have enjoyed Iceland very much! Good to have seen a much bigger part of the country than we did 19 years ago with the horses. It is really amazing all the different areas and landscapes.

Looks like we like driving around with our LR and we are thinking about how to make changes to make the camping even more comfortable and maybe make it a little campervan some day......

Looking forward to see your foto's! Nice videos on FB!

Thank you again for the memorable "Icelandtreks"

Paul made quite a lot video's but not as funny as the one with middle Steve and stranded Paul :-)

Peter, Marianne, & Luke

Thanks so much for organising a really great trip. We got home safely albeit a little fatigued after a stop off in The Hague before catching the ferry home. We too have over 3000 photos that need to be sorted. We've only just finished cleaning and tidying the gear. The Jeep has yet to be cleaned though.

Thanks so much for posting and of course for taking the photos; some great shots there!

Keep us posted on future events and we look forward to seeing you again on the trails.

Steve & Fran

Thank you very much for a fantastic couple of weeks in Iceland. We both enjoyed it very much and felt that you managed to choose a route that gave a full and varied picture of the country. The icebergs and the rainbows at the waterfall will stick in my mind for a very long time. The scenery was amazing and the trails were good fun, especially the water crossings. Your photos of our trip will no doubt entice others. Thanks once again and we will certainly let you know if we are down your way in the future, very likely as we will no doubt visit our friends in Carcassonne. Would be great to catch up again.

Wishing you all the best for your forthcoming trips.

Dawn & Mark

Thanks again for such an amazing tour. The time that you guys have put into finding all those trails and planning the tour really shows and makes for a great experience. We were lucky to have such stunning weather too! Thanks so much for the fabulous pictures, and so many! We weren't expecting them so quickly. We are going to enjoy looking at them this weekend.

Warwick & Kathy

Thanks for the tour which Kathy and I enjoyed. The scenery with often breathtaking views, magnificent weather and great hospitality from yourselves and the campsite hosts. Great to chat about a wide range of topics as well as off roading and Land Rover reminiscences as well as the Pyrenees area geography and history. We enjoyed your tour group size, intimate and friendly - was excellent.

Joyce and Rob

Many thanks for a great tour and holiday - back to the land of the living today and the washing!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with both yourselves and the other guests - it was truly memorable and we feel we have been away for a month! Many thanks for the photos and links - hopefully we will see you again on the Corsica tour. Time to round up some troops to join us! Have a great time in Iceland and hopefully see you again sometime in the future.

Andrew & Rob

Thanks so much for a great week we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the banter we could not have wished for better guides.

You really have wetted the appetite to do more of this so hopefully we will be back. The pictures are also a great reminder so thank you for doing this.

Thanks again for a great week.

Julian & David

Just wanted to thank you both again for another great tour, it never ceased to amaze us how the routes can provide such different challenges and beautiful scenery.

Particularly thanks to Wayne for his field mechanical skills in our hour of need, getting us mobile again.

Another brilliant experience with a grand group of folks !

I’m sure we will return !

Carl & Angel

Thanks for a fantastic week in the Pyrenees. Great company, good laughs and adventure in fantastic scenery. The G4 behaved itself, although at the campsite it kicked off with a freaky deaky man on the site. We were looked down upon in our dirty G4 among all those "weekend gypsies" in their plastic campers lol. Parked on the edge of the cliff we survived the "mother of all thunderstorms" Geoff & Jane must have seen and heard it from their luxury hotel room :) The trip to Provence was uneventful, but nice to spend time with friends not seen in a couple of years. Thrash back up to Bilbao for the ferry home. Looking forward to the few pics Helen took (pmsl).We'll send on ours once I get near a computer. Great tracks, great crack and a well run trip well done! Thanks for all the help from everyone getting the G4 mobile again appreciated it ;) Take care & will defo recommend Landtreks!!!

Jane & Jeff

Hi Wayne and Helen, hope you got home ok.

We are enjoying Collioure... Despite the receptionist thinking I was Tony Blair !!!!

We had a fantastic week, the routes, scenery were amazing and we enjoyed the days off especially yesterday. The week was however, enhanced by the great people we met and the craic on the evening was brilliant. The trip was what we wanted and a really enjoyable experience. Will send pictures when we get home.

Once again thanks.

Robin & John

Thank you for such a unique escape from reality! We miss you!! Will you come over to England and organise our lives for us like you organised such a brilliant adventure for us please! Thank you sooooo much for all your fab photos - they're not only a comprehensive record of everywhere you led us to but an opportunity to re-live it all over again. One way or another we've led fairly varied and adventurous lives but our trip with you is simply in a category of its own because we were able to enjoy it with impunity knowing that all your hard work and research would bring us to an even more spectacular place around every corner.
It felt a privilege to be driving on tracks that had so much history behind them and you enabled us to explore a wilderness that we'd never have accessed without your professional knowledge and experience and indeed would never have even known existed.
We're so pleased we discovered your existence and will wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone who has an appropriate vehicle and an appropriate sense of fun. I'm sorry to have to tell you that you're stuck with us for life now! You not only provided us access to stunning and varied scenery and comfortable campsites but your company wasn't too bad either!! ..... thanks for all laughter and merriment - can't wait to see you again!
The trip was totally fab but it was your company that truly made it so enjoyable thank you.
Love from two other daft nutters xxx

David & Toby

Thank you very much Helen and Wayne!

We all had a really great time :o) You provided everything I hoped for and it was an amazing experience. THANK YOU!

My wife Susie is now keen to go on one of your trips, as long as she can stay in a hotel, with pool, sun beds etc :o)

I will be whole heartedly recommending you on the various forums I participate in.

David, Mandy and Albert

Thanks for the photo link and, more importantly, thanks for putting together such an enjoyable week. You even managed to fit in all the weather options except for a blizzard!

A truly memorable week.

Allen Helen & James

Guys, Thanks for the pictures, they’re amazing, they really are. The pictures of Helen, the wee man and my landy are out of this world, I can’t thank you both enough for the experience we all had, I am so glad I came with you both for our first tour and I promise you will see the orange monster within the next year. The tour was more than we expected, the views, the track’s, the company, the crack we all had in Andorra at the campsite, guys you really do run a great business, as I said there isn’t many people I envy but you’re on the list, your job is amazing your life style is fantastic, the office views are amazing. We had a great time with you on the tour, my wee boy got so upset when we had to leave you all, you all made him feel so welcome. He is talking about doing another one as well as he said it was an adventure. Please keep in touch with future trips as we are keen to do others. Thanks again for a great time.

John & Sally

Many thanks for photos - they are wonderful and much better than the ones we managed to take. Also thank you for a wonderful holiday - the tour was a fantastic experience and one Sally and I are both keen to repeat. The scenery was breathtaking and the company was great! Apologies for not getting in touch sooner but work is always a bit hectic after returning from a holiday.

Pete, Tessa and Savanna

Hi Helen and Wayne,

A big thank you for a great holiday all three of us really enjoyed it. Savanna is wearing her Corsica bandana with pride.

Arrived back home at 1945hrs last night; now busy removing Corsican dust from everywhere.

Keep smiling.

David & Jason

Thanks for the information regarding the tour, which we both really enjoyed.

Great tour with excellent company and loads of laughs.

Gavin and Alison

Dear Wayne and Helen,
We really enjoyed the trip which we thought was the best yet. Fantastic scenery, brilliant organisation and good company. We think your routes were brilliant and we enjoyed them all, even the one that claimed the sill again. With thanks and best regards from both of us.

Joe & Ed

The tour was exceptional....don't tell the wife but it rates as one of the best holidays we've had!

....your secret is safe with us W&H ;-)

Steve, Jayne & Oscar

Jayne Oscar and myself had a fantastic time and really enjoyed your company, yes is the answer to your question, the Pyrenees really did live up to our expectations and it was made all that bit more special with yourselves being our tour guides. Wayne has a very good sense of humour and I certainly enjoyed the banter that we had, not everybody gets the northern sense of humour???

Steve, Sue & Peter

Guys ....we are day 3 in Beziers and even Sue said today ..."there is something missing" The mad entertainment last week.... if you could bottle it you would never need to work again. Loads of thanks. Big hugs and firm handshakes to you both (work out which way around) and please keep in touch (when time allows) just make us envious if nothing else.

Julian & David

I would also like to comment that the experience was well beyond our expectations, the routes gave stunning views time after time. The detailed planning allowed us to concentrate on the driving and enjoy all of the associated aspects. David and I really enjoyed the Tour and as we said will make every effort to return . A great group with great people !

Thanks Wayne and Helen for a fantastic tour!

Pete & Tessa

Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday, we had a fabulous time. It's obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into organising your tours. Looking forward to Corsica. When do you want the deposit? Keep smiling.

Ash & Ros

What can we say; Landtreks are 'awesome' two years in a row you guys have given us a fantastic tour. Wayne & Helen, you guys rock. We could literally drive down again right now from Scotland and do it all over again! Got some amazing pics of us on the beach with the Landy having a BBQ after the Eastern Tour which we will send; we had fun, lovely way to end a tour - recommended:-) Iceland - BRING IT ON, consider us officially a 'registered interest' we'll be there.... p.s. Curry just arrived, so signing off....

John & Jane

First of all, thank you very much for the photos - they will be a reminder of a wonderful experience. we hoped the vehicle would get us to remote places we would not be able to get to otherwise.. and so it was - spectacular beyond all our imagining. We enjoyed each day very much and were never bored as there was so much to see. The wild flowers were stunning and the huge views incredible. We had a wonderful week. Thanks so much to you both, a Coast to Coast using B & B may be on the cards in the future! Best wishes to both of you and thank you again for hosting a memorable and enjoyable holiday.

Mike & Kay

Thank you for a very enjoyable tour in the Pyrenees and for all the photos, they’re excellent quality and a really good record. We got to see areas of the Pyrenees on the drive that we wouldn’t ordinarily have seen. The experience also made us realise the value for money in your price, what with your knowledge of the area, the ability to communicate on route via the two-way radio and, of course, the off-roading itself, with the knowledge that you could recover us if we got stuck! It was also good to meet two fellow Wirralians in France!

Barry & Sandra

Hi Wayne and Helen, We had a really good time on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed the off roading, the scenery and the great company. Thanks also for the pictures - lookng forward to enjoying the trip all over again when we see them.

Brian & Jude

Bloody great tour, really enjoyed it, great memorys all ready; thank you for a fab experience, it was a blast from the start to finish! Cant wait for Iceland!!!??

Dave & Wendy

Thank you for a very enjoyable week,both the warm atmosphere and great mountain views, which were largely contributed to by yourselves and your knowledge. We also count ourselves fortunate to have had such a friendly travelling companions in John and Jane, who I am sure we will have further correspondence with... The photos look great!

Karl-Gunnar & Olga

Once again: we want to thank you for a tremendous tour! You are really great! We enjoyed every minute of the trip, you did a very professional job throughout the tour. Whenever you have enjoyed great company it's a bit sad to say good-bye. We'll be in touch! We are looking forward to see more of your photos.

Gavin & Alison

Thanks for a lovely trip. We very much enjoyed it even the mud and the experience in the river. Try and come and see us during the winter; we would love to see you and we could try some of the local trails. We are already looking forward to Corsica.

George & Chris

Thanks for a great time. Organisation superb, company wonderful. Thought the mountains were stunning. The trip certainly cured the vertigo. We will certainly recommend Landtreks to anybody who could be interested - and bore everyone else with our story.

Clive & Andy

Hi Helen & Wayne, We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and we both felt it was a fantastic experience and was great to chat with you during the evenings, yes we had a good laugh and Wayne certainly entertained us. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and for making the holiday a week to remember.

Nick, Marian, Lizzie & Padz

A big thank you. We all had a brilliant time. We have had some great holidays and that will be one of the best.

Stuart & Judy

We had such a lovely time with you all. Thanks for seeing us safely up hill and down dale and for taking us to some stunning places. We had a sneaky wild camp up above La Pobla after we went our separate ways, which was just the most beautiful place I have ever laid my weary head.

Mark & Matt

I'd like to say a big thank you as it was just the thing I needed, you are a wonderful couple and we (Matt and I) really enjoyed our time with you. The routes were amazing and just what I'd hoped for. I don't think that it will be long before you see us again! (I'll bring the Southern Comfort) Thanks for the photo's, awesome .... I hope 2013 sees Landtreks go from strength to strength.

Chris & Steph

Hi Wayne and Helen Just a little email to say thank you very much for a fantastic Coast to Coast tour, we've been looking back through all the photos and even though they are amazing, you just can't capture how truly amazing it really is in a picture, you just have to experience it and we are so glad we did. The mix of trails and lanes along with spectacular views was more than we could of expected. The campsites were great with fantastic facilities and the time you spend researching really does show. Helen's timing is impeccable!!! It was an amazing two weeks and we hope to see you both again in the future on one of your tours. Thank you once again and we wish you both continued success

Karl & Iona

Hi Wayne & Helen, Thank you for the photos, they're great and thanks for a fantastic holiday, we both really enjoyed it and will certainly be coming again, keep it up & many thanks again.

Ashley & Ros

Back in the "office" today after a great holiday…the highlight of which was our time with you guys.We had a great time on the Col de Tourmale watching le tour….attached is a photo of our set up….the French folks around us treated us to wine, champagne and snacks…….none of whom could speak a word of English…it was quite funny. The other bizarre thing that happened was that Sky Sports News spotted us in the morning and did an interview. Arcachon was great but a bit of an anticlimax following our time with you guys. The Coast to Coast beckons at some point in the near future methinks!

Gr"adam"ant & Emily

I just want to say a big thank you to you both, it really was an excellent trip and I thoroughly enjoyed each day. What made it great was how well planned each day was, the nice camp sites, the beautiful routes, but more importantly your great company. I have been telling everyone what fun it was, and I am looking forward to joining up on another tour in the near future.

John & Pauline

Many thanks for the photos, so now we have our big adventure saved forever. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. Now we have done 2 Pyrenees tours (Peaks & Passes & Coast 2 Coast), we would love to join you again. If we are ever in your area we will give you a call and if you are about a meal (with no funny food) and drinks are on us. Best wishes to you and Wayne and every success for the future

Mark & Heather

“THANK YOU” for an amazing trip. Once again, Wayne and Helen, you surpassed yourselves with an awesome mix of trails and sites and breathtaking views, and the usual scintillating company. And thanks too to Mark and Ness for great company and some good laughs over the week.

Mark & Vanessa

Hi Wayne/Helen, What a great trip, thank you so much for your kind support and advice, crack and banter first class. The places we visited where very special. I think we will re group do a few mods etc and look at a tour again, so keep us in the loop with new ideas. We had a great time and Mark and Heather gave us great support as well, loved their landy but not sure about their menu! Speak soon and will send you our Photos!

Dave & Sam

Howdy folks! Here we are back in the real world again and it seems like months ago we were in the mountains. Thank you again for a wonderful week, we had such a good time again and it was a right old laugh hanging out with you.

Kevin & Sue

Its always quite sad how quickly we get back into routine and forget about our fabulous 2 weeks away. Its only when you look back at the photos that you appreciate how good it was. Once again thank you for the excellent trip and hopefully we will be back to drive the Peaks and Passes with you.

Martin & Ruth

Thank you so very much for the pictures - we can now re-live the holiday experience of a lifetime which you so carefully planned and shared with us. The landy is cleaned inside and out now and ready for the next adventure! We had a good trip home and the bilbao crossing was like a mini cruise the sea was flat calm. We are very keen to visit Foix next trip as just passed through this time - the scenery changes all the time and gets more spectacular round each bend! Notice we put next trip - would love to come again if you will have us! All the very best and thank you for everything.

Tony & Susan

Thanks for a wonderful tour. We had a great time. We camped at Banyuls for 2 nights same as the others, then we said our goodbyes. Had a drive along the coast, then drove through the gorge and camped a night in Mirepoix, and liked it there, next day we went on to Rocamadour, that is a lovely place. Looking forward to meeting up with you again.

Ian & Sue

We wanted to thank you for a great trip, your knowledge and good humour was a great asset and made it an enjoyable trip and the off-roading took us into some great places that we would not have experienced otherwise. We have good memories of some fantastic scenery and quaint little villages and communities. These memories will of course include strange “soup” stories. (Hope these inventions are still progressing Wayne.)

Steve & Fran

Thanks for the photos: plenty for the album & thanks for showing us around the Pyrenees we enjoyed it immensely and will be returning. We look forward to seeing you both again in the not too distant future.

Dave, Cathy & Molly

We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic time. Everything about the trip- the trails, the campsites, the views, the company and the weather exceeded our expectations - we loved it! It was made all the more special with the time and effort you both go to, to plan and organise the routes (as well as providing mechanical know-how where necessary!)We would definitely like to return to the Pyrenees to try out another of your tours.

Michael & Ruvé

We really enjoyed our trip and were so impressed with all the hard work you've obviously put into researching the routes plus you really look after your clients without being nurse-maids.

Thanks again for a really great time and yours and Helen's hard work.

Simon, Joanna, Amelia & Archie

Thank you for such a great week we really enjoyed ourselves. We had a wonderful time and am sure we will come back for the mud...


Steve & Sunny

Many thanks again for everything and was good to meet you all ! Thanks for the pics! It never looks as big or steep in a picture though does it!


John, Lalo, Vicky & Sasha Washa mad dog of the Pyrenees

Thanks to both for another great trip, can't imagine it getting better but we will be back (again !) soon. Will write more later, good luck for the rest of the season. Thanks again.

Anders, Helle, Thomas & Jeppe

A very enjoyable tour and we did prefer the mud to the dust. Thank you for the pictures & look forward to the Picassa link. The webpage looks very good.

John & Roddy

Roddy and I had a fantastic time with you guys from start to finish. Great company, food and scenery. Don't know how I'm going to top it next year.

David & Mandy

Thanks so much for organising last week's Eastern Pyrenees Trek. It was a truly enjoyable and memorable week. Tracks were excellent, Camping very good and company totally enjoyable. And the vehicles came back in good order.

Thanks again and I am sure you will see us again.

Gavin & Alison

Thanks very much indeed for a super trip. We really enjoyed it and thought it was all very well organised.

We would definitely be up for something later in October; so if you do decide to add an extra trip we are happy to sign up for it.


John & Pauline

Thank you both for a great holiday which more than lived up to our expectations. Your professionalism and knowledge of the area combined with the informality and friendliness made it just perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with both of you and the Sparkes and Statham families.

Guy, Zoë & Phil (aka Meerkat)

We really enjoyed the holiday. The places you took us to were all beautiful, and surprisingly varied.. Zoë was talking about coming to do the coast to coast for our honey moon :) If we do we will bring you some baked beans and custard creams (hope i got that right!). All of the people from over here that went don't want to be back in the UK, so thanks for holiday and we hope to see you again one day.

Rob, Gill, Bill & Ermintrude

We had a great time – and all made it home without too much of an issue. Ermintrude decided she’d had enough of her fan belt just after a massive electrical storm through (a horribly busy) Paris, but other than those we made it home safe and sound.
Thanks again for the trip – I know I speak for everyone when I say how much we all enjoyed it. The routes could not have been better – it was awesome.

Paul & Sue

Thank you again - we had a really great time, and wish we were back in the mountains rather than back at work. We have every intention of coming back for another tour – and we are telling everyone how brilliant it was. 

Hope to see you again, the sooner the better :-)

Dave & Sam

Thank you so much for an awesome time in the Pyrenees!!! We had such a good time that we’ve already started planning our next adventure!

We both enjoyed your company too… the driving and scenery was better than we could have imagined and the whole experience was topped off by having a few beers and a laugh in the evenings!


Andrew, Susan, Sam & Alex

Thanks for a fantastic tour, we all really enjoyed it. It was really well done; great scenery / routes & great company.

Tim, Charlotte, Charles, Oliver & Oscar

Thanks ever so much, you made me laugh again !! Many thanks for another great tour, I certainly enjoyed the driving more this year, particularly the mud on Friday.

Les & George

Just to say thanks again for a cracking tour through the Pyrenees, I gotta say it again as the trip in the Pyrenees was stunning so thanks again for giving us a fantastic week, I am saving as we'd love to come back again.

Keith & Rich

Just dropping a quick line to thank you again for our tour. Everybody really enjoyed themselves, spending the week with people that you know really well made it even more enjoyable. I remember Wayne saying to me one time that he can't believe I've done that tour 3 times now, well it doesn't get old for me. We'll definitely be back.

Scott & Paul

I have to say this trip was the best one I have done so far. I am thinking of doing the Spain tour next time. Paul said to me on the way home he really enjoyed the trip. He also went on to say as city boy he thought the views were the best he has seen. The only down side I am back at work wishing I was still there. Once again thanks for a great tour and I plan to book another tour soon.

Mark, Sarah, Max, Maisie, Alfie, Poppy, Tilly & Spike

Thanks for a fantastic holiday, even better than last year. We have some great photos and have bored countless friends with our tales of adventure.

Sid & Sharon

Just to say a huge thank you to you both for being such excellent hosts and making my first camping experience so enjoyable.  Sid and I both will definitely be returning to you at some point in the future.

Steve & Heather

Helen and Wayne - this journey was so relaxed and friendly and AWESOME - it so so surpassed anything we had imagined. We journeyed home having made new friends and cannot wait to do it again.


Mark & Heather

Just to say again thank you all for a wonderful week. Words (even "WOW") cannot begin to describe the experience.


Dave & Tanya

It was nice to meet you both and thanks for all the hard work you put in to make it a memorable trip, its something we'll be doing again as soon as we can. Thanks for the update on the set up for next year, lets hope dates work out so we can all make it again.

Ken & Athenie

Thanks for a good holiday and hope to see you sometime in the future.


Once again thanks for the tour, I really enjoyed it again, great trails, views and company as well. I don't think it gets any better than that. I'm trying to sort out next years trip.

Have to agree with Scott, the tour was great as usual, much more technical in places and although not as high the views were still cracking.


The tour was very good and I found the tracks more challenging to the other tour we did last year.

I would like to say thanks to you both for a most enjoyment time we had.

Kelvin, Vicky &  Yi Hui

Just to say what a great time we all had on the tour.  The weather was great, the scenery stunning and the company excellent.  We may be on another tour next year if we are still about (not having moved to Australia). I see there is a J**p featured snippet on youtube, but you seem to have missed out the photo of a Land Rover battery being used to start it!  Hope your wipers are now working Mark, I think I might patent my leaking transfer box as a continual waxoil system as the leak has gotten worse.  Land Rovers, if its not broken it soon will be!

All the best to everybody,

Gary, Karen, Taylor & Jake

Just thought I would send you my website address which I have just uploaded my web album of all my photos from a very good week, especially the company, thanks to all because for us being with such a great crowd topped what I had been looking forward to for along time.

Thanks All again, From all the Walton's

Landrover International Recovery Team.

Mark, Sarah, Max, Maisie, Alfie, Poppy, Tilly & Spike

Thanks for a fab holiday i enjoyed it alot more than i thought i would (Sarah),the company was great and the tour was fun too. Maisie has not stopped talking about the vultures yet, and the kids all get really excited when telling their stories to family and friends. Hopefully we will see you again on another tour soon, thanks again to you both and travel safely.

Tim, Charlotte, Charles, Oliver & Oscar

"We had an amazing holiday which the whole family really enjoyed, totally different to what we would normally have done.  The company made it special, some very good friendships in a short space of time. Wayne....Charles still has lots more questions with regards to your tattoo so I am sure we will back next year to finish the interrogation and also to sample another Deep Purple (pizza).  Many thanks for the photos and UTUBE, it went so quickly, it is amazing to see what we covered  and experienced in such a short space of time, something we will never forget.

Looking forward to next year."

Steven, Clare & Jessica

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for making the holiday so fantastic, enjoyable and memorable, we all had a great time and all have different favourite parts of the trip, I can't wait to look at the photos and video properly. I think that it was not only the scenery, trails and views that made the holiday but also you as hosts, the pace of driving and the relaxed atmosphere. We were always a little nervous of how engaged Jess would be with the tour but she is now the one who shouts loudest when asked "would you go again".Thank you again and will be in touch soon"

James & Tessa

"We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip thank you. You really do make a winning team - and your genuine enthusiasm, freshness and fun make all the difference... long may it continue."

Mark & Anna

"Thanks for a nice tour, we had an excellent time and excellent company."

Richard & Jean

"We couldn't have had a better time: we thoroughly enjoyed your company, the routes were great and we'll definitely be back; your tours do exactly as they say - let people coming on them explore the Pyrenees in all their glory and in good company."

Robbie, Carole, Molly & Mike

"What an amazing week we had. Still can't stop thinking about it. just amazing."

Ole Erik & Karen

"We keep talking about the week we spent together in the Pyrenees, and show the pictures and the film to everybody. It was a lovely week!"

Martin, Kerry, Alfie, Maisie and James

"It was a fantastic experience made all the better by your hospitality, enthusiasm and patience with us."


"I really enjoyed the week again, I wanted to see the mountains in different conditions to last year... See you next year."


"I would like to thank you both for a excellence time with you in the Pyrenees, the trails and views were the best in the world. Next year I will be on one of your tours in a 90 TD5."

Chris & Mel

"Thanks for giving us such a fantastic time - one of the very best things we have ever done; we'll be back as soon as we are able - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"

Sean, Sandie, Hannah, Rebecca & Megan

"Thanks again for the superb holiday, one we will never forget and hopefully do again."

Bill & Clare

"We had a great time and are already thinking of next year."

Stu & Sue

"We thought everything about the holiday was wonderful….the routes you took us on were fantastic. It really did what we wanted."

Nick & Carina

"Thank you for a fantastic trip. It was very much enjoyed by both of us and the only problem was coming home. You both made it a very exciting, interesting, relaxing trip and provided great company."

Adrian & Felicity

"Thank you both for the fantastic time in the Pyrenees. We hope to be back at some point in the future, as we obviously only scratched the surface of what is there."

Barry & Sandra

"Thanks for a great weeks driving - FANTASTIC! We enjoyed the wonderful scenery and good company and benefited from all your planning and research."

Lorne & Lucy

"Me and Lucy had the best holiday ever, we haven't stopped talking about it since we got back the views were breath taking and the places we went were brilliant."

Ann - Land Rover Monthly magazine

"Just to say thank you for the lovely time we had and the laughs. They were quite pleased to see me back at work much to my dismay and laughed when they saw the photos of us under the influence of wine."

Peter & Jackie

"Absolutely brilliant, not only are you exceptional company to be with, which like you said included the no end of laughs we had, but Helen certainly comes across as the female version of David Bailey. Once again I can only reiterate the exceptional time we had, including the location of all the campsites and the outstanding views. We hope to rejoin you next year for hopefully another truly amazing adventure."

Karin & John

"We both really enjoyed the trekking round through the scenery in the Pyrenees. Many thanks."

John & Elaine

"We had a great time. We both really enjoyed ourselves and commented on the work that you have both put into organising these trips, we do think that you both have worked really hard to make it an enjoyable experience for all.  It was lovely to see you both again."

Andy & Linda

"We had so much fun and a lot of it was due to your wonderful company."

John Lalo & Vicky

"Just want to thank you again for a great trip, it was like a trip with old mates & we enjoyed the laughs & the fact that you know so much about the area, will be coming back next year."

Chris & Steve

"Once again thank you both for a wonderful tag tour, the local knowledge made it all the more interesting."


Martin & Sue

"Thanks for a very interesting few days of exploration of the Mountains. FANTASTIC !! We are both very pleased and impressed."


Sander, Barbara, Bente, Imre & Spud

"Very good indeed, was the tour in the Pyrenees… and the company. Thanks for an excellent week."


Wendy & David

"Thank you both so much for making our stay such an enjoyable one in all respects - your good company and the wonderful views of the countryside. The taste that you gave us of the Pyrenees has already determined us to come back next year."

Barry & Sara

"Thank you both so much for a wonderful holiday. We had a great time and very much enjoyed our time with you both and the tour."


"It was great  to see you both again and thanks for looking after me so well. It was a great trip and what absolutely stunning scenery. I have tried to explain to friends what it was like but it's impossible."

Gary & Sue

"Thank you for making my birthday treat very special and for your excellent hospitality."


"Thanks for a great trip...Have a nice summer still and I will send photos on a dvd as soon as I can."


Ken & Athenie

"Thanks for a wonderful holiday and we'll see you both again soon on another tour."


Peter & Tom

"We loved our tour with you.  Thanks for the warm welcome and the strong support.  Tom especially says thank-you for the trip."


Sandra & Stephen

"We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and look forward to doing another one."


Dave & Jane

We got back from France last night having had an excellent holiday. Very many thanks. We will have to discuss a further trip!!



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